Importance Of Loan Management Software

Loan management software is a practical application developed to keep track of all customer payments, cash flow, funds flow and lending records. Loan management software helps to accurately calculate the portion of each payment that is to be applied to interest, principal, escrow, late fees, etc. This loan management software also provides an extensive suite of report options including, account history, promises to pay, payment coupons, monthly billings, late notices, escrow balances, loan payoffs, insurance and property tax renewals, accounting reports and many interest statements.

Loan management software assists in maintaining detailed reports on the financial position of a customer. It handles all types of loans including standard mortgages, interest only loans, balloon payments, etc. This loan management software simplifies the transactions by regulating the business activities and maintaining proper financial and landing records. Loan management software consist of various modules including lending module, lender module, mortgage module, deed of trust software, loan servicing software, loan tracking and loan management module, etc.

A loan management software program has a great impact on lender companies due to its dynamic and flexible nature. It is good for investors, loan companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Loan management software builds long term clients relationship, updates database management and helps in management upgrades. Following are some of the major features of loan management software:

Easy to use software user friendly and powerful.

Partial payments are accurately calculated / tracked.

Loan payment postings are easily entered.

Charge / collect late fees.

Charge / collect miscellaneous fees.

Post and track escrow payments / disbursements for insurance and taxes.

Create / print amortization schedules.

Ability to handle conventional and non-conventional financing.

Scan / store documents pertaining to each account.

Sharing of principal, interest and late charge payments between two entities.

Affordable, easy to use, and fully featured.

A loan management software system manages the database or loan information. This information is used for servicing the loans, tracking current installment payment status and other accounting or cash flow information at the same time. Its basic purpose is to keep up with all the financial data necessary to manage the portfolio of loans. It also integrates with various business modules. It automatically updates itself and can work with a small to medium size lenders easily. There is no limit to the number of loans it can store. Additionally, it calculates all the financial numbers one need and maintains all payments and late charges due and past due.

Some vendor companies offering loan management software also provide a free “net session” with their tech support specialists who set up this software on the computers and who will provide the initial training to run the loan management software.

Sopcast Warning

The growing availability and popularity of video on the Internet is a good thing, and people are having fun with it. Unfortunately, like all popular Internet fads there is also a down side. Sopcast, though used by a lot of people, has tended to be a part of that down side. Sopcast is a live television channel and peer-to-peer, or PTP, video sharing program that, on the surface, looks like a lot of fun. The problem is, however, that there doesnt seem to be much in place with the program that helps to guard against nasty viruses. Like a lot of other PTP programs, users are taking a big risk every time they use the file sharing feature. Even getting foreign television stations from this kind of program can be risky.

Though a lot of the time your anti-virus program will catch something before it can wreak havoc with your computer, theres always that chance that something is going to sneak past and give you a lot of trouble. When you are using a program like Sopcast, where you are constantly exposed to files that come with no guarantee of being virus-free, you are vastly increasing the odds of a nasty virus getting past your computers defenses. No matter how careful you think you are being you simply cant ensure that the sources of your file downloads at Sopcast are completely trustworthy. Granted, many people have used the program and not had any problems, but it only takes one particularly nasty virus to get through in order to render your computer so damaged that you need professional help to get it going again.

There are better choices for watching streaming video on your computer. It is always better to use legal software; when its legal it tends to come with more guarantees. Satellite TV for PC is a software program that, once installed, allows you to watch such things as television programs, sports and movies from all over the world. Though its not free like some of the less-than-legal PTP and video stream programs, you only need make a low one-time payment and you have access to as many as 3000 satellite channels. You dont need a satellite, however; the video will stream right through to your computer through your broadband Internet connection.

Satellite TV for PC is not the only computer satellite broadcasting program, but it definitely tends to stand out from the rest. The creators of the software that buyers of the product download in order to be able to get the satellite programs on their computer seem to have taken great care to make it safe and user-friendly. Once the software is purchased and downloaded, users can enjoy watching the satellite channels without worrying about any viruses coming through. There is only one download, and that is the initial software, and this software is guaranteed to be virus-freeand completely legal. Satellite TV for PC is simply a better choice for people who want a low-cost way to watch television programs and video from all over the world.

Green Screen Wizard – Software That Divides the Ordinary From the Extraordinary

Picture being able to amaze your loved ones, friends and neighbors, or, better yet, your clients, with eye-popping photos from around the world. What about being able to transform an ordinary image into something beyond your wildest imagination? You can do all this and more by using Green Screen Wizard software. Your clients, family, friends and neighbors will see your photography in a new and exciting light.

You no longer have to settle for just any old boring background. By using Green Screen Wizard software, you can add virtually any background to your photos. You will have the freedom to arrange your model in any pose in front of the green screen, then by using the amazing Green Screen Wizard Software, transpose them onto any background of your choice.

Take any photo that has been taken against the green screen backdrop and add any background with Green Screen Wizard software. There is no doubt that the image quality resulting from combining photos using this software will excite and impress you.

The process is so well developed that whether you are a new photographer, unfamiliar with photo editing software, or a seasoned pro, you will be able to produce professional photos with Green Screen Wizard software.

Artistic photos, speed, and productivity are important in the photography business. You can add all three with one software acquisition and get an edge on your competition while saving time and money in the bargain.

Green screen technology is not new to photography. It has been used for years on TV, especially in live weather broadcasts. While doing the weather forecast, the meteorologist stands in front of a solid green (or blue) surface. While she delivers the weather, it appears that there is a weather map right behind her. But that weather map is actually on a computer somewhere else in the studio.

This technique has been copied by photo editors for years. Using advanced photo editing software like Photoshop, the editor uses the software tools to extract the model from the photo and place her into a totally different scene. It appears the the model is actually at the location of the background if the process is done well. It is such a desirable technique that photo editors get paid very well if they are good at it.

But the times have changed! Green Screen Wizard software makes this amazing ability simple, easy, and available to you with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

Just set up your green backdrop and take your shot. The next step in the transformation is to download your dull green background photo to your computer and use Green Screen Wizard software to magically take your subject and add her to a beautiful or exciting background.

You can use a variety of subjects, not just individuals. You can diversify your business to include product shots. There really is no limit.

Create exciting photos involving pets, grandparents, babies, brides, just about anything. Once you have your Green Screen Wizard software installed on your computer, the only other requirement is to make sure you use a solid green background when taking your images.

As mentioned earlier, this complicated process has been done for years by photo editing experts, but the dedicated Green Screen Wizard software makes it possible for anyone to employ the process.

There is a very easy learning curve involved, so even a new photographer with limited photo editing skills can master it with zero stress. If you have done any photo editing at all, you can do this. No, that is not true… no experience is needed. Using the simple instructions, it really is just a simple click and drag to take your photo and transfer it to the background photo.

So simple… so easy… Finally, if you are still hesitant about the software, the folks at Green Screen Wizard software have added a free demo version so you can try it out before buying.

Get a FREE demo of Green Screen Wizard Software – It REALLY Rocks! It is truly the leader in green screen software.

Remote employee monitoring to ease your tension

Today -work from home’ is a growing trend, beneficial both from employees’ and employers’ point of view. Employers save on cost while for employees it is convenient as they don’t have to travel to work every day. However, it is important to keep track of the performance and activities of the employee. With remote employee monitoring tool you can check the number of hours they are working and monitor their work as well. Download the software and install a link in your workers’ computer. That will give you the option to check on their daily work progress and thus managing teleworkers becomes easy. This tool is designed exclusively for managers wanting to supervise productivity of workers located at out-of-office places.

Software for remote employee monitoring is useful for tracking the exact working hours as payment is often dependent on number of hours spent on the job. Even if you are travelling you can hook onto the server and download the reports for reviewing. When you allow your employees to work from home, you save on costs like maintaining a large office space, electricity and rent. Also you have the freedom to hire freelancers on contractual rate that is worked out on a per hour basis. Remotely managing teleworkers allows you to check the total working time they are putting in and how regular they are in their work. The software can send you screenshots of what they are working on.

When managing teleworkers who are remotely located it is equally important to determine quality and productivity of their work. With the help of this remote employee monitoring you can examine which application they are using and the average time spent on each application. If the job is web oriented, websites visited and time spent on each can be recorded for your review. The tool can also measure the amount of text that has been created if the job is content related.

Downloading the remote employee managing software is very simple and it is supported by all basic operating systems. After downloading create your profile and add the remote workers’ details like name and mail id. A link would then be sent to the employees who have to install the Remote Boss agent in their computers. You will receive reports daily, weekly or monthly by e-mail as per your convenience. In short, the software acts like your eyes and ears. Managing teleworkers is done in real time when both are online giving you the benefit of reviewing and rectifying a work if necessary.

Once you register and use remote employee monitoring software, all the activities can be customized for each employee like when a screenshot is to be captured or when use of an application is to be recorded. Even when the employee is working offline, data would be stored and sent to the server the moment he or she logs in. The agency providing the software will arrange for dedicated server to save all reports. Software for managing teleworkers provides excellent tools for communicating with team members through chat or through recorded visual images. Since this is not a spyware, remote managing and monitoring of employees is convenient and agreeable with all making work less difficult.

Remote employee monitoring is now as easy as playing games on the computer. Download the necessary software to enjoy the benefits of remotely managing teleworkers.

Laptops Review-ASUS Vivo Book F202 touchscreen laptop

We’re not going to dwell too much on the ASUS Vivo Book F202 laptop. It’s a cheap 11.6in model that’s aimed at students and anyone else who wants a small, touchscreen-enabled laptop for under $500. The design of the notebook is strong considering the price – in fact, it looks a little like a baby Zenbook – and it’s a small and easily mobile device that you can chuck in a backpack. But there is no escaping the fact that it doesn’t have a fast processor and compact Asus Keyboard .

The Vivo Book F202 is based on an Intel Celeron CPU, which supplies performance that’s about twice as fast as some of the last netbooks we reviewed almost two years ago (some of which were based on the AMD C-50 APU, for example). You won’t want to use this laptop to perform media encoding tasks or anything else that will tax the CPU, and multitasking will have to be undertaken in moderation as well if you don’t want to notice too much of a slowdown in performance.

Basically, the Vivo Book F202 is a good machine for browsing the Web, using social media, typing up documents, listening to music, viewing photos and watching videos. The screen has 10-input capacitive touch that you can use to move around the Windows 8 Start screen, but the hardware is a conventional clamshell – and at 1.4kg, it’s a little bit on the heavy side for its 11.6in size, but it ships with a small and relatively light adapter, which offsets that somewhat.

You can’t really use this model as a tablet – it’s just a regulation laptop with a touchscreen. The most you can do is tap on the screen every now and then to select something, move the cursor or hit a Live Tile and, of course, play touch-based games. We’ve slowly gotten used to doing just that on these new touch-enabled laptops, to the point where we now use our fingers to place the cursor at a particular place within a document we’re editing, in addition to using touch gestures for the Windows 8 Start screen and other features and Compatible Parts . The screen does rock back and forth when it’s touched though, and coupled with reflections off the glossy finish, this can be very annoying. It works best when you hold the screen with one hand while using the other hand to perform the touch action.

You’ll still want to use the keyboard and touchpad for the majority of your navigation, and the keyboard isn’t too bad as far as cheap laptops are concerned like the Samsung 300V Series 300V5A Keyboard . The keys feel solid to hit and they are responsive. Typing on the Vivo Book didn’t feel like a chore, but we did have to get used to the relatively cramped nature of the keyboard on the 11.6in form factor. The touchpad is large (105x61mm) and it supports Windows 8 gestures for accessing Charms, flicking through apps and bringing up context menus. However, its software is very limited; you can’t adjust aspects of the two-finger scrolling function, such as speed and coasting, and we couldn’t get three-finger flicks to work at all.

The 11.6in screen has a native resolution of 1366768, and it’s a panel with narrow viewing angles, which is standard for this segment of the laptop market. You’ll have to adjust the tilt regularly in order to fix brightness and contrast issues in photos, and even in Google search results as, in some cases, it can be hard to see the shaded background behind sponsored results verses organic results.