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SIEN Technology adalah perusahaan konsultan IT (information Technology) berpengalaman di Indonesia dan didukung oleh tenaga-tenaga ahli dalam bidang information tehnology. Dengan berbasiskan kemampuan konsultan IT yang handal, SIEN Tehnology menjadi perusahaan IT dengan services yaitu IT Development dan Website Development serta Search Engine Optimizing (SEO). Saat ini SIEN Technology memiliki services yaitu:
Software yang kami sediakan antara lain drugstore yang cocok dengan apotik, rumah sakit, toko obat. Selain itu software ini bisa didevelop untuk pengaturan transaksi penjualan dan pembelian, software ini dilengkapi dengan penanganan barang dengan expired date, resep, racikan dan laporan – laporan keuangan
2.softrware retail atau ritel baik untuk toko, minimarket, distributor, gudang dll. payroll yang cocok dengan divisi SDM atau HR manajemen. Di dalam software ini kami akan mendevelop software untuk salary structure, absensi, jabatan, system promosi dan lain-lain.
4.Software hospitality yaitu software untuk restaurant, rumah sakit, klinik dan sebagainya.
5.Software untuk manufacture yaitu software untuk industry atau pabrik dimana akan didevelop dari system pemesanan, delivery, gudang, ppic, produksi, dan lain sebagainya.
6.Software sekolah yaitu software yang kami develop untuk kepentingan di sekolah mulai dari play group, taman kanak-kanak hingga universitas.
Software yang kami develop dapat kami lakukan dimanapun bisnis anda berada. Baik untuk keperluan yang bersifat local maupun dengan system web basis.
Untuk Software hrd, software karyawan, software payroll system, software recruitment, software personalia, software sumber daya manusia, software sdm, dan software hrd system, SIEN Technology menyediakan modul yaitu:
1.Modul Personalia ( HRD):mulai dari database karyawan, recruitment, penilaian kompetensi, penghargaan, cuti, jenjang karir, berhenti kerja, training, promosi dll.
2.Modul Payroll System: mulai dari penghitungan gaji (Gross up/Netto), PPh Bulanan atau Tahunan, Asuransi JAMSOSTEK, asuransi kesehatan, Tunjangan, Insentif, Bonus, Tunjangan hari Raya, Data Pembayaran dari bank, dll

3.Modul Absensi Karyawan: mulai dari kehadiran, ketidak hadiran, cuti, sakit, ijin, dapat diintegrasikan dengan payroll system,dll.
4.Modul Laporan:mulai dari laporan slip gaji, laporan pajak, laporan absensi, laporan lembur, laporan penilaian karyawan, laporan bank, dll
5.Modul Utility: dengan akses user, exsport data laporan, restore dan back up data.

Seluruh modul ini dapat diakses dengan akses internal (Windows base atau web base). SIEN Technology juga menyediakan jasa untuk penghitungan dan pelaporan pembayaran gaji karyawan dengan jaminan kerahasiaan data perusahaan, mulai dari perhitungan pajak, penyetoran ke bank sampai pada delivery slip gaji.
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai Software hrd, software karyawan, software payroll system, software recruitment, software personalia, software sumber daya manusia, software sdm, dan software hrd system, dan lainnya silahkan hubungi:
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The Best Ways To Convert Scart To Usb

For anybody who is wishing to convert SCART to USB you’ll be happy to know that there are SCART to USB kits for sale that allow you to do this extremely easily. There are many reasons why people need to change SCART to USB, you might be looking to record television programs or you may be trying to copy some old VHS videos. Once your SCART device is attached to your pc via your SCART to USB kit, you will require recording software to let you make the recordings. Most SCART to USB Kits come with this software.

Even when you’ve got a kit with everything you need there are, as always a small amount of things that you will have to take care of and keep an eye on to make certain that your recordings are as good as you would want them to be.

Ensure you have ample space on your harddisk to store the recorded files uncompressed video files are large in size and take up huge amounts of space. You could, of course, backup any recordings onto digital media like a DVD or a USB Flash drive. Likewise between each recording also back them up as you have made them, this will aid with the efficiency and quality of the recordings.

The one thing you don’t is cables falling out whilst you could be at a critical stage, so ensure that they’re pushed in all the way and are secure. Additionally, ensure that they’re not trailing along the floor where people can trip on them and pull them out mid-recording.

Acquaint yourself using the software package in advance and perhaps do a test recording before hand.

Well, now you have a good idea about how to convert SCART to USB, I hope you enjoyed this article and you are now able to back up all those cherished memories.

Some important things related to document scanning software

If you are still maintaining cabinets and boxes in your office to keep important documents then certainly you are spending more money on storage facilities than actually required. Apart from money it will also extract the valuable time of your staff in organizing paper documents. You should find out clever ways to make your company more efficient and utilize innovative techniques like document scanning software to make your company paperless. Although this technology was introduced nearly a decade ago, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Now even small businesses can upgrade their document processing tasks by hiring scanning services at a resonable rate.

This software will be helpful to any business that deals with a lot of paperwork since it easily converts hard copy into soft copy. The hard copies of documents are vulnerable to many dangerous elements, whereas the digital soft copies do not take much space in your server and can be secured with password protection for years. It is important to weigh the benefits of installing document scanning software before actually investing money into it. The company processing large number of documents will benefit the most as they would end up saving a great deal of money. Both small and large scale organizations will reap huge benefits by getting their documents scanned. Small scale organizations, though have very less volume of paper work, can take the help of this software to increase their productivity. On the other hand, large organizations have to deal with several thousand documents and hence they will get the maximum benefit. They will no longer need to rent commercial space, buy lots of paper and hire employees to supervise the files manually. Over a period of time you will realize that the benefit of installing scanning software will definitely outweigh the costs. Always keep in mind that any software meant for office use must be convenient and easy to use. Before making the purchase you should analyze the product properly. Make sure that it will be simple for your staff to operate all the functions.

When selecting document scanning software for your company, it is essential to ensure that people of employee of every age group is able to handle it. An organization will have different employees ranging from 25 years to 55 years of age. Unless all the employees are competent enough to use it, the purpose will not be served. Preferably, software must be so user-friendly so that anybody can operate it. Before taking the final decision, it is better if you undertake a test run. It will give you an idea about the type of knowledge required to manage the software. If your desired software needs constant, expensive upgradation then it will not be worth of your investment. Instead you can hire an outsourcing company to undertake your scanning requirements. Good software will offer long-term solutions that are ahead of its time.

The Highs And Lows Of Using Morph Vox

Voice changing software has undeniably become one of the very interesting character to use for population who use a lot of time chatting and playing multiplayer games. This is a voice changer software, where you can speak in the sound of any of the preset characters on the software. Once your quality is set from the drop down menu present on the software, all you have to do is speak, and the voice heard will be that of the character. You can speak in the voice of a tiny dwarf to a booming hugeness if you want.

That is the thrill of voice changing software. Earlier one could only make avatars, but now with this software, you can even make a voice to match that avatar. Users of this software enjoy tweaking their voice settings again and again to get the voice and modulation they like. The ecstasy is like to making your own visual avatar trying out many various looks, clothes and accessories.

With newer upgrades such as the Voice changing software Pro, Voice changing software has become so sophisticated that now audio studios are using the software to make their short films. They are saving a pretty bundle as with this voice changer software, they do not have to hire several other voiceover artists. Just one people can speak in many voices.

Niedeis are also using this software to make their presentations much more refined and good sounding. Now, along with visual graphics, population are enhancing their presentations with audio inputs and voiceovers that they have designed using Voice changing software.

However, Voice changing software was not all that good when it was launched. It was riddled with many problems in its earlier versions. The foremost problem was of sound character. Frequently, the sound would not render properly onto the character and that would result in a garbled kind of sound which was almost undecipherable to the listener. As a result, most times, the program needed to be switched off to make your language understood. There were also issues with background sounds. Voice changing software has a lot of background sounds that you can use along with your voice on the character. But, in the initial versions, these background sounds would add a lot of interference in the overall quality.

With the launch of Voice changing software, these issues have been largely eliminated. The quality of sound has been improved so much that now it sounds almost crystal-clear. The background sounds can be used with zero interference on the overall sound quality. As a result, both the critics as well as the masses have now given their thumbs up to the product.

So, if you are planning to buy this software, be sure to go for the Pro version. Here you will also find a very big array of characters and backgrounds to choose from.

Missing engine_x86.dll error – How to fix engine_x86.dll not found error effectively

Among those common computer errors, missing engine_x86.dll error & engine_x86.dll not found error are two common computer errors that users will come across. They especially spear when you are trying to open some of your files, or applications or at computer startup, to make you unsuccessfully run certain programs. But don’t be so upset! Here, you will get detailed engine_x86.dll error fix.

What Causes engine_x86.dll Error?

Missing engine_x86.dll error or Missing engine_x86.dll error are common PC errors that is tied with engine_x86.dll file. Most of time, these two annoying errors can be engendered by damaged or incorrect version of the .dll file on the computer, damaged windows registry, hardware problems, broken power supply, broken temp file folder, spyware & malware invasion, invalid .log files and incompatible or damaged dynamic link library files. If you want to completely fix missing or engine_x86.dll not found error, I sincerely suggest you enable a reliable engine_x86.dll error fixer instead of repairing it manually even if you have much computer experience level. This is because the complicated Windows operating system is hard for anybody to handle with except the Microsoft experts themselves.

Why should you repair engine_x86.dll not found error as fast as possible?

It usually brings about various kinds of horrible computer errors to your PC, such as Blue Screen of Death errors, .dll errors, .exe error, system32 errors, Black Screen of Death errors, registry errors and runtime errors.

It results in slow system performance and problematic computer running situation.

It sometimes forces you to successfully load Windows operating system.

It prevents you to safely update your hard drives.

Missing engine_x86.dll error prevents you to keep your antispyware program updated.

How to completely fix missing engine_x86.dll error to ensure you an error- free computer?

1. Reinstall Your Windows Operating System.

2. Make a free scan for engine_x86.dll error.

To totally fix missing engine_x86.dll error, the best and safest method is to enable a reliable and powerful engine_x86.dll error repair tool on your computer. The reliable tool is designed by a group of reputable computer experts to offer you a superb collection of PC error detection tools to completely fix engine_x86.dll error and its related errors, just within minutes.